Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Self-discipline leads to success

              Do you want to succeed in life?
                                      Do you want to be happy?
                                                          Do you want to meet all your goals?

Trust me, it can be done. You can be whoever you want, but you have to bear the consequences. You can't achieve what you want, if you satisfy your pleasures of the moment. You have to be ready to face obstacles and to sacrifice.

Your first mental exercise, that you have to do, is to decide between this two ways of living your life:
        -  Do you want to have fun and not fight for your future or are you ready to do whatever it takes in order to have success?
        -  Do you want to be happy for a long term or a short term?

In order to be successful in life, you have to pay the price. When you eat in a restaurant, you pay after you have finished, but in this case you have to be ready to pay the whole price before having the success, you always wanted.

The most essential principle for having success is self-discipline. Self-discipline is the ability to do what you should do, whenever it takes, whether you feel like it or not. You should be able to put off satisfaction in the short term, in order to enjoy great success in the long-term. In other words, successful people are long-term thinkers.
So many people fail, because they lack this quality. The majority of people have dreams and plans and maybe they begin to act according to their plans, but they also give up very soon and lose hope, because they don't see the success immediately.

A research has been made and it shows that 80% of the society fail and 20% succeed. 20% are self-disciplined and earn 80% of the money and enjoy 80% of the riches. The other 80% of people have to be satisfied with the remaining 20% of the money.
You have to struggle to be one of those 20% successful people. You can do it, everybody can, but only if you are ready to pay a high price and to sacrifice.

Don't be afraid of failures and mistakes, because through them you learn and only this way you can get where you always wanted. The richest people in the world were not afraid of failures and every time they fell, they stood up and went further with the same mentality of a winner.
You have to go trough these stages and every time you fall, keep in mind those mistakes and avoid them next time.

Failures should strengthen you!

So, you should never blame yourself and become weak, because you met some obstacles, learn to overcome those and you will become a valuable person, in which presence everybody feels happy.

Keep in mind, that hard work requires self-discipline. Your inner-voice should always motivate you and whenever you feel like walking away from your plan, remember that you deserve what it's the best and that success is worth any hard work and effort.